Discontinuous Systems

The batch sterilization cooker is the central part of the system: the ideal machine for small farms and slaughterhouses.

It is quite versatile because it can process all types of animal by-products, no matter whether separated or mixed.

Lastly, it can also be used to sterilise both raw materials and final meal, or to hydrolyse feathers.

Raw Material Bin

We make various types of raw material bins — each one according to client specifications. These machines are made in carbon steel or stainless steel 304 or 316, with or without covers.


This machine can crush any type of product up to a whole pig or the heads and horns of bovines into small pieces (25×50 mm or under 30 mm.) as required by European standard 1774/2002. We produce these machines with motors from 30 to 110 KW.

Batch Sterilization Cooker

It is heated both by the external jacket and by the shaft with saturated steam at 10 bar and the product inside can reach a pressure of 4 absolute bars in order to be able to sterilise and hydrolyse the product. It is fitted with pneumatic slide valves for loading and unloading the product. This allows the hermetic connection of the loading and unloading screws.

It is built in compliance with international standards for pressurised equipment. It is supplied complete with all the accessories necessary for functioning: valves, pipes, condensation dischargers, instruments and loading cells

Continuous screw press

It is completely automatic with an electronic pressure and feed regulating system on the panel.

We produce components for the machine for each individual product: bone, offal, chicken by-products and hydrolyzed products to reduce the content of fat in the cake to the maximum.

Productions from 1,500 to 4.500 Kg/h.

Milling and Bagging

The hammer mill grinds the meal to the desired grain size with grids that can be replaced quickly. Mills with power from 22 to 132 kW.

Manual or automatic bagging line, like in the photo

Odour systems