Rendering system for
animal by-products

Very often abattoirs underestimate the importance of by-products.
Using them instead of vegetable protein meal as animal feed makes similar efficiency results possible at a much lower cost.
By-products are an important source of income.
Meccar Impianti S.r.l. has the right instruments to reduce transformation costs and obtain high quality finished products.
Animal by-products are a rich source of protein that, appropriately treated, are widely used to prepare compound feeds.
Using them to partially replace vegetable protein meal, such as soya, makes similar or even better results possible at a considerably lower cost.
Transforming slaughter waste into protein meal is not a compulsory phase of the abattoir and meat transformation industry but is an important source of income.

Press for oil seeds

Excellent pressing of any type of seed. Panel with minimum percentage of residual oil. Simple to use and maintain. Motor-reducer transmission with trapezoidal belts.

Strainer cage and pressure shaft built in wear-resistant heat treated steel. Propellers, spacers and pressure cone with special filler. Hydraulic cylinder driven by oil-hydraulic control box for forward and backward movement of the cone.